Ewamian Limited (EL) formerly Ewamian Aboriginal Corporation (EAC) was established in 1994 to undertake activities to support the lodgement of an initial Native Title Claim and was incorporated  through the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) (CATSI) Act 2006.


The Ewamian Peoples’ native title determination applications - Ewamian People #2 &#3 (QUD6009/99 and QUD6018/01) were successfully determined by the Federal Court of Australia on 26 November 2013.  The citation of the decision is:  Fisher on behalf of the Ewamian People #2 v State of Queensland [2013] FCA 1249. 


A process which has taken almost 20 years through the dedication and commitment of the Ewamian people, the North Queensland Land Council and strong relationships held with our stakeholders and people of the Etheridge Shire. 

Traditional Ewamian lands lie primarily in the upper Gilbert and Einasleigh River catchments within Etheridge Shire. The area of the claim is over 2.9 million hectares (>29,000 km2).


The Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC) to manage native title for the Ewamian People is Ewamian People Aboriginal Corporation, which is now a Registered Native Title Body Corporate (RNTBC).  It’s main role is to manage native title on behalf of the traditional owners for the purposes of the law and to perform any other function relating to the business of the PBC. 

A significant achievement for Ewamian people is the acquisition in 2011 of Talaroo Station.   


In 2012 EAC have signed a 3 year Lease with the Indigenous Land Corporation to manage and protect the conservation and cultural values of this property.  As well as being a base for the Rangers it will also provide many employment and training opportunities for Ewamian people in the future.

The roles and objectives of the corporation are:

  1. Manage and administer the Indigenous Land and Sea Ranger Program (4 Rangers) – funded by DEHP

  2. Natural Resource Management on Ewamian Country (Weed, Pest, Fire and Feral Animal Management)

  3. Tenement Administration under the Native Title Protection Conditions

  4. Coordination and facilitation of Cultural Heritage on Ewamian Country

  5. Facilitate and Negotiate Agreements on behalf of Ewamian People

  6. Develop and maintain strong networks and partnerships with all stakeholders within Ewamian country

  7. Continue to build a strong economic future for Ewamian people

  8. Culturally sensitive and innovative services to Ewamian People (Community support)

In April 2021 the Ewamian Aboriginal Corporation (EAC), Ewamian Tatampi Puranga Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC (ETPAC) and Ewamian native title holders held meetings to discuss and approve the future of the Ewamian corporate structure.