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 Corporate structure 

 The New Ewamian Corporate Structure 

On the 29th of April 2021 Ewamian native title holders held meetings to discuss the future of the Ewamian corporate structure and based on advice from North Queensland Land Council with specialist advice from Comhar Group, McDonald Law and Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers members and Ewamian native title holders present all voted unanimously to approve a restructuring of the Ewamian corporate group as shown below. 



Screenshot 2023-05-08 at 2.25.03 pm.png


Ewamian Limited is the operational entity that provides administrative corporate services and governance on behalf of the Ewamian corporate groups. The main services provided are land management through a ranger program based on country and native title and cultural heritage management. EL performs the operational functions for Ewamian People, it manages the office and assists EPAC and the Ewamian People’s Charitable Trust. 

Ewamian Limited


Ewamian People Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC (EPAC) is the centre of the Ewamian corporate group. Every determined native title area must have a structure that operates to manage the native title on behalf of the native title holders. EPAC is set up as an Aboriginal Corporation and the Rulebook governs how EPAC operates, including how the Directors are elected and how decisions are made. 

EPAC has 3 main functions:

1. The Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC) holding native title as agent for the Ewamian People; 

2. As Trustee of the Ewamian People’s Charitable Trust; and 

3. To oversee the activity of Ewamian Limited.

EPAC selects the Ewamian Limited Board and acts as the Trustee of the Ewamian People’s Charitable Trust. As the sole member of Ewamian Limited, it is EPAC that decides all Ewamian Limited activities and any spending from the Ewamian People’s Charitable Trust. 



Talaroo Hot Springs Pty Ltd is a private tourism company 100% owned by Ewamian Limited. It will be a profit-generating business selling accommodation, guided tours, and access to the hot springs. Profits that are not reinvested in growing the business will flow back to Ewamian Limited.

Talaroo Hot Springs (THS)
Ewamian Trust


The Ewamian People Charitable Trust (the Trust) has been established. The Charitable Trust will hold money and high-value assets to protect them from liabilities incurred by EPAC or Ewamian Limited. Investment bankers will invest some money to produce a regular income stream for EPAC to spend on charitable purposes that benefit the Ewamian People.


Charitable Purposes include advancing Ewamian People’s health, education, welfare, culture, and the natural environment. The PBC acts as Trustee to the Trust and Ewamian People are able to access money to this trust via an application process.  They are:

  1. Grant Application process (course and materials for courses, community and cultural projects etc); and

  2. Emergency Contribution Process (including funeral assistance, financial hardship, medical, education or sporting assistance.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact the office.

For all application forms visit the link below:

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