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 Ewamian Ranger Program 

Ewamian rangers are funded by the Department of Environment and Science​ through the Qld Indigenous Land and Sea Ranger Program. Ewamian Ranger’s work focuses on activities on important sites on Ewamian Traditional lands including National Parks and in particular Talaroo Station where they are based.   

Indigenous rangers deliver conservation outcomes that are based on the traditional knowledge of country and are also informed by non-Indigenous scientific research and best practice in managing country. This combination of skills sets leads to culturally appropriate innovative land management. Ewamian Limited supports the successful operation of the Ranger Program and knows that it is essential for the future well-being of Ewamian’s traditional country. 

The main objectives of the Ranger Program are: 

1. Natural resource management including: 

  • Managing weeds

  • Controlling feral animals including cattle

  • Undertaking fire management 

  • Cultural heritage survey work 


2. Cultural heritage management including 

  • recording and protecting sites

  • Indigenous knowledge transfer

  • Traditional ecological knowledge

3. Visitor management on Talaroo 

  • All visitors must sign in with the Rangers

4. Education, training and development for the Rangers. 

  • Capacity building

  • Certificates 2 and 3 in conservation land management


Ewamian Limited currently employs five full-time rangers including a Ranger Coordinator, Senior Ranger and three rangers. From time-to-time Ewamian Limited also supports the Ranger Program to engage casual rangers to assist in weed and feral animal management activities. The Government has announced that further funding will be allocated to support the ranger program to increase ranger numbers and enhance land management outcomes, so we are hopeful to get more funding soon! 

If you are a Ewamian or indigenous person interested in working on country with our ranger program at Talaroo and want to learn about conservation and cultural land management please complete an Expression of Interest Form and return to our office along with an updated copy of your Resume. You will be added to our Casual Employment Register.

talaroo ranger gallery

Rangers and Ewamian People working together on Country with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.

Our Achievements

Rungulla National Park ranger gallery

Rangers and Ewamian People working together on Country with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.

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