Talaroo Station was purchased with funding through the Australian Government’s National Reserve System (NRS) supported by funding from the Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC). 


Talaroo is managed as an Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) which is a self-declared area that Traditional Owners agree to manage for the protection of natural and cultural values in accordance with guidelines of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).  


There are 2 Protected Area management categories under which Talaroo is managed, they are IUCN II (60%) which means that it is managed as a National Park and IUCN IV (40%) which aims to protect particular species and habitats, may allow cattle to manage weeds and introduced grasses through a cattle transition strategy and also allows flexible management strategies to support community needs and aspirations.  It is also a declared Nature Refuge to support the management guidelines of the Plan of Management.


Ewamian Aboriginal Corporation signed a lease with the ILC in 2012 to manage Talaroo according to the Plan of Management and Lease guidelines.  In late 2016 Talaroo will be divested to the Ewamian Aboriginal Corporation from the ILC.


Ewamian People’s Vision for Talaroo IPA is to support environmentally acceptable economic ventures on Country and ultimately provide financial independence with the Ewamian Rangers work playing a vital role in this Vision.