Ewamian rangers are funded by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection through the Qld Indigenous Land and Sea Ranger Program. Ewamian Ranger’s work focuses on activities on important sites on Ewamian Traditional lands including National Parks and in particular Talaroo Station where they are based.   


The goal of Ewamian Rangers is effective and culturally appropriate management of their land by Ewamian People. EAC regards the successful operation of the Ranger Program as essential for the future well-being of Ewamian’s traditional country.


Ewamian Rangers work is supported by EAC particularly in the areas of consultation and planning. 


Their main objectives are:

1.       Natural Resource Management (including weeds, feral animals, cattle and fire management and survey work);

2.       Cultural heritage management (including recording and protecting sites and indigenous knowledge transfer);

3.       Visitor Management;

4.       Education, Training and Development;


EAC currently employ 5 full-time rangers including a Ranger Coordinator, Senior Ranger and 3 rangers. From time to time EAC supports the Ranger Program to engage casuals rangers to assist in weed management activities.

The Ranger Team
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INLOC Chainsaw Training (2)
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