• Determination of Ewamian People’s Native Title

  • 20 Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUAs), ancillary and other forms of agreements have been negotiated with external parties on behalf of Ewamian People (prior to and following native title determination)

  • Acquisition of Talaroo Station - a 31,000 hectares parcel of land with high cultural and strategic values, provides access and opportunities for all Ewamian people to connect to Country for cultural and future economic development opportunities

  • Preparation of Talaroo IPA Management Plan provides a framework to protect the natural and cultural values on Talaroo, aligned to the guidelines under the Commonwealth Government’s Nature Reserve System (NRS)

  • An ILUA negotiated with Etheridge Shire LGA granted a block of land (5 acres) to EAC – a culturally significant site for the Ewamian People being the original Aboriginal Reserve in the township of Georgetown 

  • EAC currently employs five (5) full-time, permanent rangers and a Ranger Coordinator

  • EAC have established and maintained strong networks and partnerships with different groups

  • Development of a Tourism Infrastructure Development Plan for Talaroo Hot Springs to facilitate tourism and economic   development opportunities

  • EAC has established and maintains strong corporate governance