Ewamian Corporate Restructure 2021


On the 29th of April 2021 the Ewamian Aboriginal Corporation (EAC), Ewamian Tatampi Puranga Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC (ETPAC) and Ewamian native title holders held meetings to discuss the future of the Ewamian corporate structure.

Based on advice from NQLC with specialist advice from Comhar Group, McDonald Law and Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers EAC members, ETPAC members and Ewamian native title holders present all voted unanimously to approve a restructuring of the Ewamian corporate group as shown below.

Ewamian Limited

Ewamian Limited will be the operational side of the Ewamian corporate group, managing agreements and employing staff just as EAC did. Ewamian Limited will also be a not for profit charity that must spend any profits on charitable purposes that benefit Ewamian People;